Raised Bed Gardening

Permanent gardens constructed above ground are often referred to as raised beds or square foot gardening. These types of gardens are popular for a number of reasons.  Raised beds allow for more closely spaced planting, thus more production from a smaller space.  Closely spaced plants also crowd out and reduce the number of weeds.  Soil in above ground beds tends […]

Perennial Ornamental Grasses For Your Landscape

Ornamental grasses with their graceful plumes, interesting seed heads and colorful foliage are top picks by homeowners and landscapers alike.  Whether you’re looking for a small border grass or a tall specimen plant, you can’t go wrong with these carefree performers.  Plant them in well-drained soil where they’ll receive plenty of sunlight.  They aren’t demanding at all – just a […]

Creating A Deer Resistant Landscape

  The damage caused by deer feeding in urban landscapes has increased dramatically in the last few years.  A number of options are available to the homeowner to protect landscapes from such damage.  Fencing, scent repellents and sound devices are often used with some success.  Another option may be to plant species that deer generally do not feed upon.    […]