Raised Bed Gardening

Permanent gardens constructed above ground are often referred to as raised beds or square foot gardening. These types of gardens are popular for a number of reasons.  Raised beds allow for more closely spaced planting, thus more production from a smaller space.  Closely spaced plants also crowd out and reduce the number of weeds.  Soil in above ground beds tends […]

Fairy Gardens to Delight You

Fairy gardens are whimsical creations with small-scale plants and tiny accessories.  These miniature gardens set the scene for visits from mythical fairies and elves.  According to common folklore, fairies were long ago driven away from earth by humans to live in another world.  Some fairies have chosen to live among us and they are very shy, mischievous creatures. Their clothes […]

Creating Beautiful Container Gardens

Basic Tips For Creating Beautiful Container Gardens Container gardening, whether it be combinations of plants in pots, hanging baskets or window boxes, is one of the most popular trends in gardening today. And because these containers can be moved inside to protect them from spring cold spells, they are often the first “gardens” of the season.  Pick The Pot And […]